Thursday, May 17, 2007
Happy 18th!

"My friends are few but altogether SUFFICIENT."

My friends and I went to SM Bacoor yesterday to celebrate Anna May's 18th birthday. When we arrived in the mall, we immediately bought her a cake and ate it right away in the food court since they were already craving for it and couldn’t wait any longer. Then, we surprised her with a birthday program that we held inside the karaoke room. We danced, sang, and acted like retarded people. Haha x]

After that, some of us went shopping (honestly I didn't since I just brought enough money 'cause they didn't even tell me that they're going to shop after the celebration). And since we were already in the mall, I did my favorite thing… put on some perfume testers. Man! Some of Bench's colognes and perfumes were really awesome although some smells like isopropyl alcohols. Haha

We also had this long photoshoot inside the mall. We even bothered to ask some people that passed by to take us pictures. Luckily, all those people whom we asked agreed to help. But, there was a guy who refused our plea… he thought we were asking him to take him a picture. LMFAO :]

All in all, we really had fun yesterday. And the fact that the people you are with are your true friends who have the same faith and standards as yours made it more enjoyable. However, it could have been more fun if our other friends were there but they weren't able to come for some reasons.

Now, I am wondering when we're gonna do that again since classes will be starting next month. But I do hope we'll do that again soon. And I also do hope that our other friends will be able to come in our next hang outs.

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