Monday, May 28, 2007
Behind every great love is a great love story

"He made up his mind not to lose her.
He would do anything to keep her."

-The Notebook

I was in a certain "video shop" yesterday looking for a good movie to watch. I was actually planning to rent some comedy movies but then one CD caught my eyes. It was "The Notebook". I was really trying to rent it before since one of my friends told me that it was a great film but I always forgot to do so. So there, I had my chance to finally watch it today.

Well, indeed it was a great film. It's not trite compare to those crappy old romantic movies. It was serious but still not boring. I honestly like it.

So now, I'm once again deeply romantic. Like, hell, I wanna fall in love again --- with the right person this time. The movie just made me realize how wonderful it is to fall in love.

I do salute the man's (Noah) love for the girl (Allie). He even sacrificed his time, effort and family just to be with her. He never loosed hope that someday, somehow, she'll remember him again by reading their love story that she wrote in the notebook.

They both showed love. Love which is forever --- undying. Love which means waiting. Love which stands for what is right. Love that has no boundaries. Love which is true and deep.
The film really do made my day. It even touched me when they died in bed together in the last scene.

I'm also looking forward on the day when I'll find that right girl to whom I will give all my love and life. I just don't know when, where or how. But I know it'll comeā€¦

Allie: Do you think that our love could take us away together?
Noah: I think our love can do anything we want it to.
Right now I'm hoping to watch some old TV Series like "Wonder Years", "Dawson's Creek", "One Tree Hill" or "Prison Break". If you have any copy of the said series... I'll love you forever. Free french kisses awaits for those who will let me borrow their copies. LMFAO ;]

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