Friday, April 18, 2008

One thing I love about summer is that I could watch every TV show and movie that I missed during school days. It’s pretty much the best time for a couch potato to do his thing from morn ‘til night.

Though some people think that it is dumb to waste your time watching TV shows and movies, I still do believe that it helps me a lot. Those shows inspire me. They entertain me. Especially reality shows.

In line with this entry, I would like to post here two of the reality shows that’s quite addictive for me: Survivor and American Idol.

I can say that this season, Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs Favorites, is one of my favorite Survivor installments. I never really thought it would interest me and make me go craving for another episode since the last two seasons didn't fascinate me that much. But surprisingly as the show goes on, it's becoming more and more interesting.

The only thing that sucks now is that two of my top favorites, Jonathan Penner and Eliza Orlins, already left the show. Jonathan was removed due to a said to be fatal injury that he got during an immunity challenge and Eliza got voted off for having a weak alliance and for playing the fake idol Ozzy made.

But anyway, there's still Jason and Amanda whom I can root for. Jason since he is more likely the nicest guy in the game now and because he has a great potential on winning immunity challenges. Also, he was the last alliance of Eliza who is, like what I said earlier, my favorite gal in this season. And Amanda because she is loyal and honest.

Honestly right now, I'm really, really ecstatic. I think this week is the best week in Survivor Micronesia since Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth got finally voted out. YEAH! Even though he had the real idol, he wasn't able to play it since he thought he was safe. Meaning, he got blindsided. And this is because of Parvati's great plan, though I must admit that I also don't like her because she's the reason why Eliza got voted off. Well anyway, (just for now) hurrah to Parv!

Ozzy at first is really cool. As a matter of fact, I was a fan of him during the start of this season. He used to be a great guy; he's strong, smart and played the game very well. However, as time went by, he became obnoxious and arrogant. I also recently found out that he did porn for playboy before which... made me really not a fan of him anymore.

Now, I'm really excited what would happen and who would go next week. I'm guessing it'll be James for he is a big threat. But i don't know, maybe they'll gonna surprise us again and vote somebody whom we don't expect to be voted off.

Aside from Ozzy being voted out, another thing that made this week a "great reality show" week is that Kristy Lee Cook (at long last) got eliminated. Yehey!

I honestly don't hate Kristy but I just don't want her to stay longer there now. I just think that the others who got eliminated deserve to stay longer than she did. Especially Michael Johns. And talking about Michael... Oh man! I was really shocked and surprised when I read from Yahoo! that Michael got eliminated. Michale Johns elimination was as surprising as Clay Aiken and Chris Daughtry's.

With only six contestants left, it's quite hard to choose among them for they are all good. But I guess I'm into Brooke White, Carly Smithson and David Cook since I believe they have the greatest, unique voices this season.

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