Monday, December 31, 2007
New start on old habits

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man.

-Benjamin Franklin

Today is December 31, 2007, my last chance to post an entry for this year. And it's really quite hard to write a year ender entry since a lot of thoughts are running on my mind now. But whenever i start writing, all those thoughts seem to go and disappear. It's kinda weird but it always happens to me. Bummer...

So how was 2007 for me? To tell you that truth, it's not that easy. However, i can still say that it had been a great year even though i experienced tougher problems, issues and responsibilities.

One thing that made this year ok for me is that I graduated last March with flying colors. I wasn't really expecting it though i hoped for it. And i was really happy it did come true because i know i made my family proud.

Also, i got myself entered in one of the most prestigious university in the Philippines. There, i met new people that i know i would always cherish. Honestly, at first i didn't expect that i would like them. If you have read my post entitled "A new beginning", i stated there that "it was a big mistake to study there". But as days went by, i realized i was wrong. They were such lovely people. I think i just had that "my-life-is-perfect-in-high-school-and-i-don't-want-to-move-on" impression. Yeah it was really lame. But atleast i managed to throw that idea away. :]

This year, i learned so many things. I've learned more about love, trust, honesty, faith, life, et al. Most of them i learned through tragic and happy experiences and some are from the TV Series that i've watched. Yeah, you read it right. TV SERIES. Well they're educational too you know! haha.

What i just don't like about this year are those wrong decisions i have made. And the sad part is, i think i'm making "choosing wrong decisions" as a hobby. There are a lot of things i can't take back anymore. And it's really depressing. Another thing is, i usually practice procrastination. I hate it, but i still do it.

So now, i just wish 2008 would be a better year for me. I hope i'll be able to improve all the aspects of my life. Also, i hope i'll be more optimistic than before and be able to set my priorities more clearly.

Happy new year to you!

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