Thursday, January 17, 2008
And I've seen their faces and i was like WOAH

"The only kind of person I would like to be is the kind of person who likes to be me."


I was able to watch Eat Bulaga last Monday and good thing I did. And it's because the contestants of their "Dabarkads, you are on the spot" were those fantastic dubbers of soaps and anime. You see, I always wonder how those dubbers look like. I just wanna see how true "great voice = good looks" is. :]

It was really funny at the start of the show. They were like talking using the lines of the characters they dub[bed]. But one thing that really made me say " Oh woah! What the hell... that was extraordinary! " was seeing Ash's [from Pokemon] dubber. But before the spoil... Come on! Tell me the truth. You also think that Ash's voice is really both boyish and childish, right? Well, surprise! Surprise! The dubber is a girl! And man, she is really sweet. If I remember correctly, her name is Klarisa. Heck! I really want to meet that girl in person. She's now my " girl on TV " crush. Lol

Sadly, she's not the one who got the Php25K so she wasn't able to be the jackpot prize contestant. Anyway, there was another pretty girl who dubbed some anime too, girl this time, but I didn't get her name. Too bad.

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Yesterday, I watched the premier night of American Idol season 7. They held their first audition in Phila and as usual, they had a bunch of "auditioners" (uhm ok, there's no such word. But hey! This is my blog. I can make my own dictio. Haha). And the wackos are getting worse than ever. But yeah, it was fun watching them. On the contrary, there were also people who really have a talent in singing. One even sounds like Clay Aiken. Right now, I'm looking forward to it's second part that will be shown tonight.

One last thing... Simon seems to be a little kind this season. :]

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