Tuesday, December 9, 2008
Treasured Experience

September 30, 2008

"There's no substitute for experience."

Fuente Ovejuna (Teatro Tomasino's First Major Production this year) had already ended last night. And man! The feeling that it gave me was priceless.

I never really expected it to be that fun. It gave me that nice feeling i never had since I returned in school. We rehearsed the play for almost three months and I can say that the result is really, really worth it.

I used to say that maybe I won't ever love Teatro as much as the other members already do. I also used to wonder why they stay/ed in an organization when all it gives you are stress, depression and sleepless nights. But then, yesterday, I understood. I now know why many Teatro members love and sacrifice almost everything for it.

To our director, Sir Dennis Marasigan, thank you so much for the lessons you taught us. Thank you so much for bringing out the best in us. We will truly never forget you. Because of you, we are now not just better actors and actresses but also better persons. Thank you so much for the love that you showed us.

To Ate JS, I would like to thank you for teaching us the value of work and time. Thank you for teaching us the importance of keeping our promises and how to be punctual (the hard slap you gave me is really unforgettable. haha)

To Kuya Owa, my head, our Stage Manager, thank you for teaching us the importance of sacrifice. Thank you for the late-night meetings we had, i enjoyed every bits of it. Thank you too for being a true person.

To the whole production staffs, thank you for the wonderful and memorable production. I truly enjoyed it. We worked so hard and the result, like what i said, is worth it.

I love you people! I love TEATRO TOMASINO! :]

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